Active Volunteer: Meet Lisa Blais

Sophomore Lisa Blais volunteers in Mexico during one of her missionary trips.
Photo Credit: Lisa Blais
Sophomore Lisa Blais volunteers in Mexico during one of her missionary trips.<br>Photo Credit: Lisa Blais
Sophomore Lisa Blais volunteers in Mexico during one of her missionary trips.
Photo Credit: Lisa Blais

Q: What church do you currently attend? When do you attend church sessions?
A: I go to The Crossing on Sunday mornings and Calvary Chapel Spring Valley on Wednesday nights.

Q: When was the first time you went to church? Who brought you?
A: My mom started taking me to church when I was three, and I have never stopped since.

Q: Are there any specific activities that you volunteer your time to during or after church hours? If so, when?
A: I lead a small group on Sunday mornings and twice a year we have an overnight at the church with all the kids. Besides volunteering with the kids at the church we go on a mission trip once a year to help other who are less fortunate in third-world countries.

Q: How did you get involved with the volunteer jobs you partake in at church? What made you want to help out?
A. My church sends a group of kids every year on a mission trip. When they come back, we have a testimony night to hear about what they did and how the trip impacted their lives. I’ve grown up listening to these amazing testimonies my whole life, and they are the reason I wanted to go help out too.

Q: Where have you gone on a mission trip to? How often do you go?
A: Every summer since 7th grade I’ve been going on a mission trip. I’ve been to Mexico three times, I went to the Philippines last summer, and I’m hoping to go to Thailand this summer.

Q: How do you save up for these mission trips? Is it hard gathering all the money?
A: I personally do tons of babysitting and baking to fundraise for the trip. Sometimes it is stressful to think about the amount of money I have to save up, but I manage to get it all in the end and the mission trips are always worth it.

Q: What are some activities you partake in on the volunteer trips you take?
A: We do so many different things while helping people in other countries. We do manual labor such as pulling weeds and help build houses. We also hang out with the local children and play games with them. A big part of our trips is to make sure everyone is fed, so we always help cook meals whenever we can.

Q: What is your favorite part of leaving the country to volunteer? Why do you like that part?
A: My favorite part about the mission trips is spending time with all the kids that literally have nothing. For many of them, their parents are never home, they don’t get to go to school because they are taking care of their siblings and they barely have enough food to eat. Getting to see their faces light up when we just spin them around, give them a piggy-back ride or play tag with them is a feeling that is indescribable and truly unforgettable.

Q. How can other people get involved in these mission trips if they want to help?
A. These mission trips are run through my church, so by getting involved with my, or almost any other church, you could sign up to be a part of these trips.

Q: If there has been one life lesson that church has taught you what has it been? Why do you think you learned and retained this piece of information?
A: By far the most important lesson that going to church has taught me is that God is always there for me. Whether I’m having problems at home, stressing about school, or simply just needing someone to talk to, He is always there. It’s one of those things that I will keep with me for the rest of my life because it’s what gets me through everyday.