Scrapbooking Enthusiast: Meet Mrs. Starlyn Olson A book worth a thousand words

Passionate about crafting, Mrs. Starlyn Olson started scrapbooking as a way to relive stress and create memories of her family. Photo Credit: McKenna Thayer

After cutting out an image of her family, Special Education Facilitator Starlyn Olson applies glue to the back of the photo and places it onto a piece of patterned paper. As a way to relieve stress and express herself, Olson uses her creativity and past experience to make scrapbook spreads.

“Before scrapbooking, I did sports like softball, soccer and tennis and those were some of the activities I did for relieving stress,” Olson said. “Then I became a cheer coach for Sig Rogich Middle School and I would make their bows and shirts.”

She often uses a Cricut machine, which can cut out a design or image onto any type of fabric. Along with making scrapbook spreads, she also uses it to make decorations for her classroom. She was introduced to the machine by her brother, U.S. History teacher Pate Thomas.

“I usually make my collages online and then I print them out for the scrapbook,” Olson said. “I can cut the collages out cleanly or any other decorations with the Cricut machine.”

To find time for her hobby, she usually scrapbooks late at night. This way, she can scrapbook without being interrupted.

“I’m a night person, so I usually don’t go to bed until midnight or one sometimes,” Olson said. “It’s the perfect time to do my scrapbook spreads because that’s when I’m most concentrated and relaxed.”

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Olson focuses most of her spreads on her nine-month-old daughter. She plans to teach her daughter how to scrapbook when she gets older.

“My favorite spread I’ve made is probably one of my daughter from when she was born and every year I add letters to it that she can open later,” Olson said. “On the page, I put different photos of her and dates they were taken and a quote about her.”

As Olson adjusts to her new environment on campus, she hopes to maybe one day start a scrapbooking club. Her goal is to be able to spread her creativity and arts throughout the school.

“For my classroom, I want to do a photo collage of my students and bring in different things that represent them, I want them to feel like it’s also their room and it’s a part of them in the classroom,” Olson said. “I would definitely start a scrapbooking club or art club to bring that creative aspect into our school.”

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