Q&A: Should NFL players kneel during the National Anthem? The NFL wanted to silently protest

After NFL players and owners took a knee during the national anthem last Sunday, there have been countless debates about whether or not it was justified.

“Yes, [I believe football players can] because of the First Amendment," junior Damaris Carson said. "You have freedom of speech and what you believe in. If you have the feeling that it is being terminated, then you have the right to speak against it.”
“I think they should be able to because it has more respect to it whether you kneel or not," freshman Avery Ridley said. "I think they should be able to protest because they have the right to.”
“When you think of the flag or the Pledge of Allegiance, you think of unity, freedom and equality for everyone, but that’s not really America right now because people are separated with neo-Nazis, the KKK and Donald Trump,” sophomore Ruth Daniel said. “I sit down during the pledge, too, because I don’t agree with the pledge of allegiance right now. I used to when I was a kid, but with everything going on right now, I feel like it’s hypocritical to stand up when you don’t agree with that you’re saying. The football players are kneeling as a protest. They’re saying they don’t believe that this injustice right.”
“I’m going to say no because personally I think that they should look at the flag when it’s being sung because it’s a sign of respect,” freshman Shushan Abraham.
“So, I think they do have the right to protest because we don’t even have to do the pledge of allegiance in the morning but we still do," freshman Aelysha Sharma said. "This, in my opinion, is not disrespectful because the football players aren’t running around the field or screaming during the Pledge of Allegiance. Your body language and eye contact shouldn’t decide how respectful you are. If football players don’t believe in the anthem or how the U.S. is currently, they can be against it. Our amendments should be taken seriously, and this was just another topic of conflict that was pointless.”

Do you sit during the pledge of allegiance?