Q&A: Do you think schools need police on campus? Students have varying opinions

The incidents of violence at Chaparral High School and Clark High School has prompted the conversation about whether schools should have police on campus.

“Though there are those students who we do not need campus police, I believe so because you never know the little actions that could get you in trouble and the police can come to the rescue,” junior Dylan Tran said.
"Yes, we should have police on campus because schools would be more safer to go to and make it easier to deal with the issue if it ever happens," sophomore Kailee Tugaoen said.
“I feel like it would be safer, but at the same time it’ll feel like a prison in a way,” junior Jamie Khuong said.
“Yes, because it’ll help ensure safety," senior Sebastian Avalos said. "In order for students to stay focused in school, they have to be comfortable.”
“No, because that’s only certain schools and certain students," senior Francesca Ngo said. "Some school are not immature like other students.”

Should schools have police on campus?