Q&A: Were you satisfied with the Super Bowl results? Students vary opinion on outcome

Since Super Bowl LII, results from last Sunday leave students with different opinions.

"I wasn't really rooting for either team so yes I was pleased," junior Tyler Deshayes said.
"My friend is a huge Patriots fan so I wanted the Eagles to win," junior Nathan Lach said. "And I was rooting for the Eagles because they haven't won the Super Bowl in a long time."
"I was very happy about the outcome of the Super Bowl," junior Zaria Grey White said. "I just wanted someone to beat the patriots for once. In my opinion they are not the best team the NFL has. I felt like if the patriots won again the game wouldn’t have been as exciting to watch."
"I was satisfied because I like the Eagles so I was happy they won," junior Gerald johnson said.
"I am not an Eagles fan," junior Joe Castro said. "I went for them because I watched them throughout the entire season and they deserved it."

Did you watch the Super Bowl?