Q&A: Will the groundhog see his shadow this year? Student input on the length of winter

As the cold season comes to an end, students debate on the length of winter and the decision that will be made by the groundhog.

“I don't think so because it’s already been warm for a few weeks,” sophomore Kyla Norman said.
"I don't think so because it’s already hot outside and it's only January,” freshman Angel Wei said.
‘I doubt it because it's already hot," junior Jarred Hansen. "Having six more weeks of winter doesn’t make sense.”
“Judging from right now it seems to be getting hotter this year," freshman Halema Dahrouch said. "The groundhog will probably not see his shadow."
“I think it will show up because it's already been a hectic 2018," junior Mia Buranamontri said. "Even though its hot, Las Vegas has a bipolar weather and it will most likely have a longer winter."

Do you want the winter season to end?