Senior activities lay groundwork for tradition

The first graduating class of Southwest Career and Technical Academy are establishing senior traditions.  These students are eager to show their status by attending events that are only for their class.

“I’m so excited for my senior year! It’s my last year of high school, so right now these [upcoming senior] events are some of the many memories I hope to remember,” says Emily Almaguer.

One of the traditions is crown decorating.  The crowns are obtained from Burger King and decorated with phrases such as, “Seniors 2012,” “C’o 2012,” etc.  They represent their seniority at school, and many students wear them proudly at spirit events.

“Crowns are a symbol of royalty, so to me, wearing the senior crowns means that we’re like the ‘kings’ and ‘queens’ of high school.  Plus they’re another way to show school spirit and represent the senior class,” says Jalyn Fernandez.

The most anticipated events include Senior Prom, Senior Week, Senior Sunset, and Grad Night.

“Senior Week is similar to a Spirit Week, but it is the last spirit week of the entire year and, of course, limited to seniors only!  It gives the seniors one last opportunity to really show off what school spirit they have before we graduate,” Senior Class President Marisa Martinez declares.

According to Martinez, Student Council is planning a tradition so unique that “it’s a secret.”

“I can’t give you any hints about it! It’s just a really big thing,” Martinez adds.

Because this is the first year for seniors to start creating traditions, students are just focusing on cherishing the final moments of high school.

“We should know [by the time we graduate] that we had a great year,” admits Samuel Bravo.