Silly Bandz take over

In the past year, bracelet trends have transformed from bangles, silicone wristbands, chunky, and layers to colorful, stretchy bands known all over the country as Silly Bandz.

The Silly Bandz have become so popular because of their cheap cost, trendy design, and variety of shapes and colors. People of all ages are beginning to wear these rubber bracelets, causing many companies to make generic brands of these bracelets.

“I think Silly Bandz are a trend because they’re not like any kind of bracelets out there. They come in different shapes and its weird because you can stretch them, but they still go back to its original shape,” stated junior Lorelyn Monsalud.

Half the entertainment of the bracelets for some is buying the pack, keeping a set for yourself, and trading for other Silly Bandz.

“It’s like baseball cards; you trade them to get one you like, but the person will trade for what they want from you. It’s an equal exchange,” comments junior Chantal Creancy. is currently selling over 20 different packages of the bracelets and a customizable set. Packs are based on themes such as Justin Bieber, Holiday, Hello Kitty, Alphabet, and Princess for an average of $6 for a pack of 24.

“My favorite [silly band] is the Hello Kitty one! I bring it to school everyday,” states junior Calvin Surratos.

Other than being an accessory, the bracelet serves no other function. Because of this, the company releases new design packs to keep the collection updated.

The company has also introduced the Silly Necklace, Rad Bandz, Silly Slapz Watch, Silly Ringz, SillyBandz Buttons, and SillyBandz Caribinerz.