Six ways teens destroy the earth

Today, teens believe nuclear waste and exhaust from large factories are the only things killing earth. In reality, it’s the little things we do that has the greatest impact on our planet.

1. Plastic over paper

According to the National Geographic website, a third of all the garbage tossed in the United States is packaging. We’ve all used a plastic bag sometime in our lives, whether it was for holding our groceries or packing up filthy P.E. clothes on a Friday afternoon. But, have you ever considered where that plastic bag ends up after you dispose of it?

Biology teacher, Ms. Jennifer Conder, says that when we don’t recycle plastic, they deplete our oil supply because they are composed of hydrocarbon. A hydrocarbon is an organic compound made of hydrogen and carbon, often in natural gas, petroleum, and methane, and it is not biodegradable. One plastic bag may not seem like much, but deciding to use a reusable bag can make a difference between a healthy planet, and a dirty one.

2. Putting the extra hold

Yes, I’m talking about the one and only hairspray! Girls can’t help but want to pump up the volume in their hair and guys just love spiking their hair, but you might want to consider using more earth-friendly products. For example, hair mousse has the same functions, except that mousse does not spread chemicals out into the air.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration have banned the propellants in hairsprays, because they contain chemicals harmful to our bodies and the ozone layer. Nowadays, you can get effective hairspray minus those harmful chemicals. Buying these won’t only benefit the earth, but your health, as well.

3. You litterbug!
At least once in your life you were either too lazy, or just couldn’t wait to find a trash can and used the “Oops, I dropped it” method with your trash. Littering makes our world look cluttered, but it also harms wildlife, clogs our waterways, and attracts germs when left over time.

4. Go grease lightning!
It’s systematic, it’s hydromantic, and acidotic! When we dump oil down gutters or sinks, they end up polluting our lakes and rivers.

“When you see those huge carps at the lake, it is because they have tumors and abnormalities. The oil in the water causes that result. Some fish even die from it,” explained biology teacher Dr. Michael Georges.

Even regular canola and vegetable oil is harmful. Oil is oil, and the next time you think about throwing it down the drain, think about Nemo and all his friends in the sea.

5. There’s no monster in that closet

You should’ve realized this a long, long time ago. If not, now’s your chance to learn. Teens need to know that the simple act of leaving their lights on at night can waste a lot of energy.

The solution is simple: turn off your lights when not needed. Unplug those appliances and electronics when you’re not using them too. You can save energy and watch your electric bill go down at the same time.

6. Cough, cough, cough!

Not only do sicknesses cause coughing, pollution does too.

Mr. Dan Sylvester, automotive technology teacher, noted that although street racing is illegal, teenagers street race because of the thrill and adrenaline

“Kids take off smog devices and sensors in their cars to make them go faster. They don’t realize that by doing this, it gives out more pollution,” he indicated.

Pollution is a quick fix with today’s technology. Hybrid cars, organic gas, and carpooling, people! You can save money on gas and make our air cleaner.