Sophomore Success Story: Meet Mariah Holmes

The true life of a student can only be experienced through the eyes of the beholder, in this case, sophomore Mariah Holmes. You’re probably wondering, what makes her so different from other students. To start off, Holmes is one of the hardest working sophomore Professional Academy (PA) students at SWCTA.

“Mariah is an excellent student. She works diligently and always strives to  do her best,” explains sophomore Joanna Joseph.

Raised by her teen mother, Holmes always knew the importance of the connection between happiness and education. However, not until later in middle school did she take her academics seriously because of the influence her mother placed upon her.

“I believe that Mariah, just like most others, has had her share of struggles in life. Mariah just seems to deal with her problems differently and school is her top priority,” tells sophomore, Casandra Carrasco.

Holmes maintains a 4.0 GPA and invests her time and energy into academic clubs, like HOSA, instead of sports. Chemistry teacher, Mrs. Elizabeth Williams compliments her efforts,  “Mariah is a delightful student who works hard and always helps others.”

She is also in her second year as the Class of 2014 secretary. As secretary, Holmes has to create class meeting agendas and notify STUCO sophomore members with upcoming tasks and opportunities for participation.

Holmes will be the first to graduate high school in her family. With this being said, she sets standards for the future of her little brother, Adam Holmes.

“Not only is Mariah one of the nicest people I know, she is also determined and hardworking in anything she puts her mind to,” states sophomore Sofia Valles. “In some ways, she even inspired me to become a harder worker, but also to become a better person.”

Holmes has set big goals for herself. She wants to be a part of the medical field and also wants to be a public speaker and counselor for cancer victims and abused children. To work toward these dreams, she takes ‘baby steps.’ These baby steps include volunteering at her brother’s elementary school for the past two years.

Holmes confesses, “I put a lot of pressure on myself to be the best sister, daughter, and student possible, but I would still not trade my life for the world.”

Every struggle Holmes encounters paves her path to success. After all, the bumps in the road are what make life interesting!