Student Council exercises creativity documenting organization’s history

The Student Council, including the historian and grade level senators, are currently working on a scrapbook for their organization. This book documents all of the events that are hosted this year, along with suggestions from the rest of the council members.

“Making this scrapbook is very fun. It shows the creative side of the Student Council,” shares Summer Stallbaumer, freshman.

The members will be using materials such as stickers, ribbons, paint, markers, and sparkles to prepare the scrapbook for presenting.

“Winning the Silver Star Award is important to me because it shows that our Student Council has done a great job as a team,” explains Alexis K., sophomore.

A Silver Star Award is given based on the evidence of award requirements, which is included in the scrapbook. The judges will also be looking for the amount of effort and creativity put into the scrapbook.

“I would love for the students to take a look at the Student Council Scrapbook because we have been working really hard on this,” says Stephanie Stewart, sophomore.

Students who would like to view the Student Council Scrapbook can visit Mrs. Miriya Julian’s room in D105.