Students Apply for Summer Business Institute

Many students are looking for a summer job. The Summer Business Institute had 150 openings for students, who needed to submit an application and be accepted.

Sophomore Breanna Waelty said, “Hopefully I get accepted!”

This job is a paid internship. Participants will earn a high school credit. If accepted, internships would last from mid–June through mid–August. They will work eight hours a day, four days a week (Monday – Thursday) and be compensated $8 an hour.

“This may take up almost your whole summer, but I think it’s worth the while,” said sophomore Noah Shakespeare.

Interns will also be mentored and required to work on supervised projects in the offices of governmental entities and participating companies. Instead of working on Friday, students will attend an unpaid informational workshop with guest speakers. The guest speakers will help interns learn life skills, future career paths, entrepreneurial opportunities, financial management and more.

“This may seem like a lot to do, but I know this will help me in the future,” sophomore Victoria Cana stated.

Students had the opportunity to choose which three career fields most interested them. There were 18 choices to choose from such as accounting, construction, culinary, hotel management, law, medicine, and transportation, to name a few.

Waelty said, “I picked Hotel Management for my first choice because I am already studying Hospitality at this school and I learned about the Hotel Industry. And if I get into this program, this will let me have a hands on experience instead of just hearing about it.”

Applicants will be notified by the third week of March if they are eligible to schedule an interview. They will then be notified by the fourth week of April if accepted. If they are rejected, the applicant will receive a rejection letter via the US mail.

For more information, you can call (702) 455-2426 or (702) 455-3097. No information will be given over the phone regarding your application.