Superintendent Search Effects Students at SWCTA

The search for a new Clark County School District superintendent is on its way and students and staff at Southwest Career and Technical Academy have different opinions on what characteristics the superintendent should have and which school issues should be on the top of their priorities.

Members of the student body and faculty were specific in their responses to “What qualities and characteristics would your ideal superintendent possess?”

“He should visit the schools more often and be more involved with the students’ lives,” states junior Brian Boza.

“The new superintendent should be more strict with school discipline,” claims junior Sigifredo Ruiz.

“The new superintendent should be more understanding toward others’ thoughts,” exclaims junior Anjelynn Hingada.

“He or she should be more well-known amongst the students. I want to know the new superintendent,” states sophomore Brittany Chopp.

“He should treat all students equally and fairly, especially when it comes to dress code,” replied junior Amy Moo.

“The teachers are underpaid compared to those at higher positions. There is such a mismatch in pay and they need to address that,” responds Dental Program Leader Dr. Michael Georges.