SWCTA’s “Man of Ideas”: Meet English Teacher Mr. Robert Davis

Mr. Robert Davis, a junior English teacher at SWCTA, is a man of ideas. There’s many perks about having a long stream of creativity as a writer, but who would have thought that having such great ideas would earn a person an “F” in their English class?

“[My teacher] demanded a perfectly kept notebook in a specific format and I just didn’t see the value in it.  After all, it was my notebook wasn’t it?  Anyway, I failed and learned that you have to play the game and meet the demands of your audience or ultimately you will fail,” Davis states.

Of course, no one likes losing, and Davis found it a challenge to convince his teacher to award him A’s on his assignments. With the challenge of trying to find a way to prove to his teacher that he is a capable student, his teacher found a way to motivate him by making him work harder to exceed her expectations, just as any great teacher should.

Davis currently teaches American Literature and AP English Language/Composition at SWCTA. Initially, Davis dreamt of being a farmer, but instead, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Language from Stockton State College. Later on, Davis received his Masters in Education in 2000 at UNLV. After teaching seniors at Palo Verde High School for 11 years, he decided to teach juniors at SWCTA in 2010.

“There is a real sense of community among the staff and students that makes it a positive place to be.  I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else,” Davis says.

Davis’ main goal for this school year is help his students improve on their writing. Although it will take a lot of hard work and effort, Davis believes that writing will allow his students to let their creativity flow.

“I don’t want them to think of writing as a chore to do for school, but as an exercise in creativity where you create interesting pieces to share and publish,” states Davis.

Even though it may not be the best piece of writing at first, failing should motivate students to work even harder to perfect it just as it motivated him.

One of the biggest challenges in Davis’ life was getting A’s on all of his assignments; although what Davis believes is now a constant challenge is running, but it’s his favorite thing to do. After training for an event, he can run in a 5K race and still be faster than the teenagers he races.

Besides running and coaching the girls’ cross country team at Palo Verde High School, Davis enjoys playing catch with his son, riding bikes with his daughter, and watching movies on Netflix with his wife and his dog, Cade. Davis also enjoys reading books and going to the library.