SWCTA’s “NOS Junkie”: Meet Science Teacher Mr. Joshua Locklear

Science teacher Mr. Joshua Locklear is favored amongst many students due to his uniqueness. He is known for his large consumptions of NOS and his giant trout.
Photo Credit: Nathalie Saligumba

Design Academy science teacher Mr. Joshua Locklear is an instructor with many noticeable quirks.  The Purdue University graduate majored in mechanical engineering initially to pursue an engineering career, but as he went through college, he began to question that decision.

“While I was at Purdue, I participated in a community service organization where we mentored middle school students in an after-school science club.  I enjoyed this experience so much that I decided to pursue my teaching license after graduation,” admits Locklear.

Locklear moved from Pickerington, Ohio to Las Vegas in 2006 because the “job opportunities here were much better.”

“Plus, with CCSD, I thought I would have a better chance of teaching physics right away or within a couple years,” he adds.

Ever since his transfer from Mojave High School, Locklear has been a favorite among students because of his eccentricity and uniqueness.  For example, in his first year at SWCTA, his obsession for NOS energy drinks became widely known after students noticed his daily consumption of the beverage.

“They started out as just a pick-me-up when I needed it, but over time they became my version of a morning cup of coffee.  While many teachers walk around with a coffee mug or Starbucks, I have my can of NOS instead,” says Locklear.

Also, he purchased a giant rainbow trout to serve as his unofficial classroom mascot.

“I saw it in Bass Pro Shops’ ad last year and I thought it was so weird that I had to have it.  I enjoy having strange and unique items in my classroom because I feel that it gives my class more personality.  When I bought the fish, I actually expected that students would steal it, hide it, and take it to random places.  It’s all part of the fun,” he declares.

Aside from his quirks, Locklear believes in his students and expects all of them to “give their best effort in [his] class.”

“I want them to walk out of the course with as much new knowledge as possible.  For my AP students, I want them to do everything they can to be prepared for the exam.  I feel that they all have the ability to pass if they give 100% and refuse to give up,” wishes Locklear.

Locklear gives his students many opportunities to be successful, and he is always willing to help students who are struggling as long as they are willing to help themselves.