Time to say goodbye; will your relationship last past graduation?

Many relationships start and end in high school. How can you avoid the end?
Photo Credit: April Bitanga
Many relationships start and end in high school. How can you avoid the end?Photo Credit: April Bitanga
Many relationships start and end in high school. How can you avoid the end?
Photo Credit: April Bitanga

As the school year comes to an end, the unavoidable question for most high school couples in their senior year has arrived: “What will we do next?” The two options remaining for high school sweethearts are to either break up or make it work.

Based on the following three categories, couples should consider which option is best for their relationship.

CATEGORY ONE) Should I go to college without my significant other?

Despite the geographical location of the college where you or your significant other is planning to attend, they must consider the fact that college is a new stepping-stone in life. It is the step that must be taken in order to have a successful and better future.  This is the time in life where most students should consider the most logical solution, instead of the most emotional. Secondary schooling will most likely help you receive your dream job or aid you in finding your future career; a boyfriend/girlfriend cannot do that. A relationship should not be a factor that changes the decision on whether or not to attend college.

“College is very important to succeed in this new era,” senior Keoni Mateo said, “it’s not an opportunity that you want to miss.”

CATEGORY TWO) Adapt to Change.

College is a different environment from high school. Couples are both bound to meet new people that might spark new interests, and if that does not affect their relationship, then being a student in college will. There are long hours of studying, different events to attend, and possibly working a part-time job that could change the nature of a relationship. Personalities will alter. If the couple cannot adapt to change, then the odds are that their relationship will end.

“I think college is a chance to experience new things, and that environment of change can strain a relationship,” junior Aleasha Green said.

CATEGORY THREE) Knowledge Fades with Distance.

Particularly for new relationships, individuals who barely know each other now should not base their decisions to enroll in a specific college due to their relationship. If the two do not know each other well now, then what makes them believe that their relationship will last during college? People tend to convince themselves that long distance relationships will work, but only if they have known each other for a lengthy amount of time and have moved past the “toddler stages” of their relationship. Additionally, the little amount of knowledge they have of each other now will become even smaller as distance grows between the two.

“When two people are apart, their environments are going to be different. Distance is called distance for a reason. It will create a gap in the relationship that can or cannot be fixed,” junior Trisha Bantigue said.

If you’re smart enough to graduate, then you’re smart enough to know what your next step will be in your relationship. Maintaining a relationship post-graduation can be a challenge, and attending college can introduce you a better life. Make the best choice for your future.