Vlogging 365: Meet Alyssa Victoria Inspired over the summer to document her life

After setting her phone up on a nearby outlet, senior Alyssa Victoria vlogs with her friends. “I like to record what I accomplish off of my bucket list,” Victoria said. “My bucket list is pretty random so it can be anything from making cranes to getting rid of my fear of rollarcoasters.” Photo Credit: Alyssa Victoria

Lights, camera, action. Lights, camera, action. Lights, camera, action. Lights, camera, action. Lights, camera, action.

After dealing with a family loss over the summer, senior Alyssa Victoria decided that she wanted to try to live everyday to it’s fullest potential. After crossing items off of her bucket-list, Victoria decided to start daily vlogs.

“I like to watch David Dobrik and Mr. Beast on YouTube,” Victoria said. “However, they weren’t the ones that really inspired me to vlog. If anything, it is Gary Vaynerchuck who inspired me to pursue things I’m passionate about. He says that we should be in a constant hustle to do things that make us happy and to chase happiness, not fame.”

Victoria started vlogging shortly after the start of her senior year, which she decided to base her vlogs around. 

“I’m approaching my 100th day of vlogging which is exciting because it doesn’t feel like I started that long ago,” Victoria said. “Because I’m doing a senior year series, I plan to finish it by the end of the school year but I do still want to vlog when I’m older.”

Focusing on vlogging joyful moments in her life, Victoria records her point of view throughout the day, conversations she has and hanging out with her friends. She also likes to include time lapses of her doing practicing hobbies such as drawing, painting and singing.

“My vlogs serve as a constant reminder that anything, whether good or bad is a blessing,” Victoria said. “I want to accept each memory and live my life to the fullest.”

Victoria usually films anywhere from three to ten minutes of videos in a day. She uses the jump cut technique to make a quick montage of her week.

“I keep it simple and edit my videos using in-shot and imovie,” Victoria said. “Within a week, I usually have a lot and the content will vary. One day It will have me talking in the car and another it will be me with my friends singing.”

Victoria started off by posting daily vlogs on her YouTube channel, however, because of timing constraints, she has recently changed to monthly vlogs. Using a format inspired by David Dobrik, the vlogs consist of random clips taken over the course of the month.

“My channel is really only for fun,” Victoria said. “Sometimes I think I might get roasted by my future boss for all the weird content I have. If anything, that makes me happy. That’s really all the motivation I need.”

Victoria hopes to continue her vlogs until the end of the school year. She hopes to one day be able to post her content to YouTube again.

“I want to be able to look back on what I did as a senior,” Victoria said. “I would post my videos for my friends and family to watch, but it was mostly for me. It’s something that I think I will enjoy to look at ten years from now.”