What to do when you’re sick Being ill does not have to be boring

Being sick can really put a damper on your plans, mood and life. Sickness makes some people feel tired and weak; however, that shouldn’t stop you from having fun while you’re at home. Here are ideas to keep boredom away.

Take a warm shower and put on fresh pj’s. When sick, people tend to feel sticky and uncomfortable. Taking a warm shower will get rid of the stickiness and keep you clean. Putting on new pj’s will help make that uncomfortable feeling go away because worn pajamas don’t have that freshness.

Start a new craft project. While in bed, work on a new craft. The craft can be as simple as making a paper airplane or a paper hat. Crafts can also include working on a scrapbook or making jewelry.

Have a movie marathon. Movies are a great way to stay relaxed and entertained. A movie marathon can span a whole genre; Disney (Beauty & the Beast), action (the Taken series) and romantic comedies (The Proposal) are some examples.

Build a blanket fort. Taking time to create a fort will be worth it. Once your fort is up you can spend all day inside wrapped up in a blanket, watch movies or building your crafts.

Catch up on some sleep. Being sick can make you feel exhausted. Catching up on sleep can help the time pass and keep you well rested. Sickness takes up a lot of energy so it is important to keep your body rested.

Utilize these helpful ideas to keep the boredom away while staying at home. Whether you start a new craft or have a movie marathon, you won’t be bored when sickness comes. For more ideas, check out “The Health Sessions.”