X-Factor hopeful: Meet Isaiah Ricoy

While some of the talent here at SWCTA is still undiscovered, sophomore Isaiah Ricoy is making an effort to start his singing career by auditioning for The X Factor 2012. Specializing in singing, Ricoy felt that it was time to use his talents in a productive way, and audition for one of the most popular shows in America.

Ricoy began to sing as a young boy, and once he grew older, he began teaching himself other techniques, like adjusting range. Due to the support from his family, he has been able to continue singing and finally compete in his first competition.

“I auditioned because I felt that I had nothing to lose. Since I have a deep passion for singing, why not try and share it with America?” sophomore Ricoy said.

The X Factor auditions open up their audition process to American citizens who are ages 12 and up. Since this is the second season, The X Factor decided to rid the competition of adult age limits, like American Idol, and opening doors for more aspiring singers. The winner of The X Factor receives a one-year recording contract with Sony, and one million dollars.

The process Ricoy took in auditioning for The X Factor at Planet Hollywood was simple. After writing out his personal information at the booth, he received a card coded with all of his information. After swiping the card, his 2-minute audition began; 30 seconds to introduce yourself, and 1 minute and 30 seconds to sing.

The song that Ricoy sang for his audition was “Better Together” by Jack Johnson. After watching his solo audition, Ricoy felt satisfied about it, and his family and friends supported him every step of the way.

“I highly support Isaiah and his bravery in auditioning for X Factor. His voice can reach different notes, and he can sing almost anything out there, meaning he can sing anything the judges may throw at him,” freshman Trixia DelaRosa said.

After hearing about Ricoy’s daring endeavor to be on The X Factor, some local SWCTA students decided to tryout. Freshman Trixia Dela Rosa and sophomore Ira Nocom separately auditioned as well, hoping to make it to the live auditions.

“Some of the students here are very talented, like Isaiah, and it would be great to go into the competition with him. All that was really stopping me from auditioning was fear, and Isaiah helped me overcome that,” sophomore Ira Nocom said.

Ricoy will be informed via email if he will attend the live auditions during the month of June.