QUIZ: Do you know what happened last week?

Standing in Your Shoes. A message from Secretary Johnson about the men and women of TSA → “On Thursday, I worked alongside the men and women of the Transportation Security Administration at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport. I interacted with passengers and addressed their questions, and even helped a family get to their gate on time. These are just a sampling of the essential tasks that the men and women of TSA perform each and every day as they stand on the front lines of our nation’s aviation security. I have stood in their shoes – this job is not easy. But it is vital. TSA secures the skies, and does so professionally, courteously, and with a sincere dedication to duty. Thank you, TSA, for what you do to protect the homeland.”

A number of events occur each day—ranging from politics all the way to the entertainment spectrum. All of these events are presented on numerous news sites that get updated every day. Are you one that keeps up with these events?