Q&A: Which homecoming theme do you prefer? There were three options

“I chose the Galaxy theme because I like space,” senior Yordan Maskimov said. “I would rather be under the stars than be in Paris decorations when this is a more diverse.”
“I chose the Decades theme because I thought it would have really cool spirit days, but I would have preferred the Paris theme because it would have been a more aesthetic dance,” junior Cali Javellana said.
“I would choose the Midnight in Paris theme because I feel like it’s more suitable for dancing,” junior Sean Salvador said. “Paris is known as the city of love and I feel that it would be suiting for couples that go for bonding.”
“I chose the Galaxy theme because I am interested into astrology and I think the Galaxy aesthetic is kind of cool,” freshman Jazzmine Castro said.
“I chose the Midnight in Paris theme because my friend told me to,” senior Tammy Li said. “My other friend told me to choose the Decade one, but I liked the Paris one more. Paris looks and sounds nice.”

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