16 elected students attend Las Vegas Sun Youth Forum

Seniors Andy Hyunh and Pauline Nguyen attended the Las Vegas Sun Youth Forum on Nov. 13. At the conference, Hyunh and Nguyen donated canned goods and other food items to Three Square Food Bank. "It really made my morning to be able to donate before starting the debate," Hyunh said.
Photo Credit: Jen Chiang

At the 58th Annual Las Vegas Sun Youth Forum on Nov. 13, 16 selected students as well as Mrs. Miriya Julian traveled to the Las Vegas Convention Center and Visitors Authority to participate in discussion groups on their specific topic.

“I’ve been coming to these youth forums for well over 25 years and I enjoy doing this. The students get to express themselves to their peers and the questions that the group elects to communicate are what matters to them,” retired Environmental Health and Safety Specialist and  moderator Robert Marshall said.

The seven different topics were America, School Days, Teen Topics, Around the World, Law and Crime, Home in Nevada and Potpourri. Each discussion group consisted of two sessions and the students were given a document of questions pertaining to their topic to discuss.

“It was nice to share my opinions and viewpoints on world problems with people my own age. It was an excellent and exciting opportunity,” senior Giulia Cammareri said.

The convention began promptly at 8:45 a.m. as all participants began their discussions after receiving instructions. Each session was under the supervision of a moderator, whose job was to guide the students into the discussion and ask questions when needed.

“Once we started talking about the topics, I noticed that more people participated this time than they did last year. I feel like as the years go, we as students start to pay more attention to what’s around us and become more involved,” senior Estefania Cervantes said.

To conclude the day, each group nominated a student from their discussion group to become their group representative. All of the group representatives from each topic will have a written column summarizing the day’s discussion published in the Las Vegas Sun and will appear on UNLV TV and Inside Education through Vegas PBS.

“Being nominated to become a group representative meant that my group members were paying attention to what I said and I felt honored to be acknowledged because there were so many good speakers in my group,” junior Winifred Palay said.