Students needed to fill student ambassador positions

The application process to fill a student ambassador position has been made available to the student body.  Individuals who are interested can fill out an application online.

Dr. Lily Sifuentes has a list of middle schools she is going to go to and she likes to bring a couple students because students give a great perspective of what goes on at this school,” Community Partnership Coordinator Mr. Craig Statucki said.

Applicants are required to complete an online Google form with their personal information and the middle schools they would like to visit, as well as provide their own transportation to and from each school.

“I want to be an ambassador because I want to go back to my middle school and try to get a bunch of students to apply here. It is a great school and all the programs have something to offer,” junior Sara Rounaque said.

Individuals who are chosen will be visiting local middle schools each month to educate eighth graders on their program areas.

“Whenever I have the list of students of student ambassadors I actually send it to all the program leaders first to make sure they are okay with them representing their program,” Statucki said.

The scheduled days for September are as listed below:

Sept. 23: Victoria Fertitta Middle School at 9 a.m.; Clifford Lawrence Middle School at 12:27 p.m.

Sept. 29: K.O. Knudson Middle School at 8 a.m.

Sept. 30: Elton M. Garrett Middle School at 8 a.m.; Jack and Terry Mannion Middle School at 12:25 p.m.

“We usually only take one or two student for each trip and we try to rotate the program areas. The Google form has a spot where it says which middle school you would like to go to and we look at those students and pick two or three from there,” Statucki said.

For additional information, individuals can visit Dr. Sifuentes in the A building or Mr. Statucki in B143.

“Student Ambassadors are important because students in middle school need to know that there are other options than just their home school, and they play an important role in recruiting future students,” sophomore Jonathan-Thomas Lustina said.