2016 Scholastic Art, Writing contest open to student body

To recognize students that exemplify creative talent on the regional and national scale, the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards will host its annual design and writing competition. Beginning on Sept. 16, students will submit their entries to the Southern Nevada Writing Region (SNWR) until the deadline on Dec. 16.

“Last year, I competed in the comic art category because I was confident in my abilities to evoke emotional responses with my art style,” senior Christopher Dela Cruz said. “Although I didn’t place, I will try again in the same category after reviewing my mistakes and improving upon them.”

By hosting competitions in 28 categories, the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards will recognize young artists in multiple fields, including the new Editorial Cartoon category. Moreover, students have the right to exercise their freedom of expression and will not have their submission disqualified due to the nature of the content.

“I would like to compete in the critical essay category because it allows me to be creative in the topics I write about,” junior Carl Montemayor said. “I love to write about my opinions and thoughts so seems like a great fit for me.”

In order to participate, students must create an account, pay a $5 admission fee per individual entry or $20 for portfolios and sign a submission form. Submissions can be uploaded online or sent directly to the Southern Nevada Writing Region. For students affected by financial burdens, they can submit a fee waiver form to relinquish the cost.

“Since I’ve been applying to a lot of colleges, I’ve been writing a lot of personal statements,” senior Bomon Liu said. “After seeing there’s a personal essay category, I was interested in competing because I’m already comfortable and experienced with this kind of narrative.”

On Dec. 16 at 11:59 p.m. Easter Time (ET), the SNWR will void submissions sent after the deadline. The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards will announce the results on Jan. 7 and host the award ceremony on Jan. 31 at the Springs Preserve from 1 to 2 p.m. Additionally, they will host an exhibition hall displaying all submissions in Big Springs Gallery at the Springs Preserves from Jan. 31 to March 1.

“I participated in the poetry category primarily because I felt it would be the best way to convey the pensive emotions I had at the time,” senior Brandon Ly said. 

To complement their artistic achievements, the nonprofit organization, Alliance for Young Artists and Writers, will present students with scholarships and prizes on the basis of their placings and merits of their submissions.

“I think the persuasive writing will attract the most people because that’s what we’ve been working on, but I think the more creative categories that aren’t anything like a school assignment will get the most students because it’s an area that they don’t get to express at school very often,” Mr. Robert Davis said.