2017-2018 school year dates subject to possible change

After reviewing the early start calendar, senior Ashlee Rodriguez schedules the year on a calendar. Trustees are seeking input by May 26 to take it into account before the vote on May 28. "I don't see anything bad about the early start calendar because summer would start earlier," Rodriguez said.

The Clark County School District (CCSD) Trustees are requiring input from students and parents on changing the traditional school calendar beginning the 2017-2018 school year before voting May 28.

“I believe that the early calendar would benefit our students more. We would follow in line with the rest of the state and colleges and universities. Our students wouldn’t leave for two weeks and be expected to recall what they learned before Winter Break and take a final exam when they return,” Assistant Principal Michael Butler said.

On the traditional school calendar, the school year for students begins on August 24 and ends on June 6, while the early start date calendar proposes that students start on August 14 and end on May 22. If the new calendar is approved, then semester exams will be taken before Winter Break.

“The early start calendar would lead to an increase in cost for maintaining Air Cooling system during this two week period. We have also looked at the days that summer sports practices will be cut, specifically by two days at least,” Vice Chairman of the School Board Student Advisory Committee Andres Caja said.

To review the traditional and early start date school calendar, visit this website. After reviewing the possible options, students and parents can offer their opinion by emailing [email protected] by May 26.

“I am not for the early start calendar because it only gets us out a few days earlier and was set up for when we were a farming community. The traditional calendar better fits the urban society of what we are now,” Respiratory Therapy Instructor Vicki Smith said.