45 minute presentations given by Health Science I students Presentations scheduled to carry out until end of semester

The group of four gave a quiz on their presentation based on the respiratory system. After the winners popped up on the screen, the group passed out candy to the participants. “So far everyone who has presented has done really well,” freshman Annie Tan said. “I liked working with people that I don’t normally work with.” Photo Credit: Maggie Shepard

A typical presentation is around two-five minutes; however, Health Science Teacher Mrs. Lori Martinelli took a different approach for this semester’s project. In groups of three to four, students created their own lesson plan for the class based off the specific body systems they were assigned. 

“Earlier this year, I tested the idea at UCLA, and I liked the group projects,” Martinelli said. “However, it’s just hard to keep the students focused on it.”

At the beginning of March, students had multiple requirements to complete, which include an essay on their system, a slideshow and a website. Because students didn’t have prior knowledge on their topics, they relied on research from the textbook and online resources.

“The tasks we had were very challenging, but as my group and I moved along, we noticed that the day you present is very easy if you prepared over a course of time instead of cramming everything in one night,” freshman Manny Villarosa said.

One group will present during each class period until all lessons have been given. Each member of the group was required to present for a minimum of 15 minutes to earn an A, which will take a total of 45 minutes. 

“As we’re going through the presentations, the students have an interactive notebook where they write an entry on how their system relates to the one being presented,” Martinelli said.

Besides occasional check-ups from Martinelli, students were expected to complete their presentation on their own. However, several groups struggled with fact checking the information they found online. 

“Some of the facts we’d get would contradict each other and then we’d group check what we thought was right or wrong with Ms. Martinelli,” freshman Madison Cruz said.

In preparations for final exams, these presentations will be used as review. Martinelli plans to continue the project for next year. 

“If I continue to go down this career path of nursing, this information will definitely be helpful to me in the future,” freshman Ahsan Fahim said.

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