Web Design sophomores offered the Tokyo Experience Scholarship Only five students will be selected to accept the scholarship

Funded by ThinkArts!, Animations and Graphic Design instructor Mrs. Maureen Clark and five Web Design sophomores will be traveling to Tokyo, Japan on a cultural awareness trip.

“In our Graphic Design II class, we are drawing and animating a story made by a group of students in Tokyo,” sophomore Liane Cabrera said. “We were given an opportunity to meet the students we are working with and also learn about the Japanese animation industry. It’s not everyday you have the chance to earn a free trip to Japan.”

In order to earn the scholarship, interested students must submit two essays and two artwork pieces (digital or fine art) by Feb. 1. The scholarship committee will review all submissions in the evening and the selected students will be announced on Feb. 2.

“One of the cool things we’re going to be doing is looking at the way that animation is produced in Japan and being able to compare it to the way animation is produced here,” Clark said.

Students must meet the academic eligibility criteria such as maintaining a minimum unweighted GPA of 2.50 or higher and additional eligibility criteria such as a current passport that will last until at least Sept. Paperwork for international travel will take approximately six months and the trip is scheduled to take place in the summer.

“It’s something that will teach the selected students much more than just about the animation industry,” sophomore Victor Taksheyev said. “It’s definitely a symbolic part of our school and can open doors for students.”

If selected for the scholarship, ThinkArts! will cover the cost of the round trip airfare, hotel and ground transportation. All students will be responsible for covering the cost of their meals and other materials.

“I’m most excited about going to Tokyo and flying across the ocean,” Clark said. “I’ve never even been off the continent of North America.”