ACT prep open lab available for students

To help students prepare for the ACTs on March 1, An ACT preparation open lab will be available in B108 from Monday through Thursday from 1:30-3 p.m.

“Standardized tests are important is important in college because they determine your class placement,” College Center Coordinator Lisa Moore said. “The ACTs are free this year for juniors, so they should take advantage of it.”

The open lab available now until the test and is self-ran with online accounts provided by the district. To access the account, visit and enter the school computer login information.

“Since the ACTs are free, I’m going to study and try to get a good score my first try, so I don’t have to pay more money to retake the test,” junior Kyle Omega said.

For more information, students can visit Moore in the College Center or email [email protected]

“My advice to the juniors is to take your ACTs seriously so you don’t end up like me with a pretty high score just shy of getting more free money for college,” senior Jonas Tambora said. “If I could go back, I would have actually tried to study for it, but unfortunately I didn’t and it’s too late now.”