StuCo celebrates Week of Respect with campus-wide decorations, activities Lunch games to be held throughout the week

To bring awareness for anti-bullying, Governor Sandoval has designated Oct. 2-6 as the annual Nevada Week of Respect. StuCo has planned activities throughout the week to celebrate. 

“We have been planning the Week of Respect since the end of August,” StuCo member Briana Saldivar said. “We got a committee together and just started brainstorming for the week. Even though this is only a week long, it takes a long time to plan and a lot of work to put it together.”  

Monday: Rings of Respect
Tuesday: Meet a New Friend
Wednesday: Take What You Need
Thursday: Locker Affirmations
Friday: Wear blue to show respect

“During the Week of Respect, I plan on spreading positivity around campus,” senior Darmi Effo said. “I like making people smile and feel good about themselves. I especially want to make the freshman feel welcome during this week since they are still new to the school.”

During both lunches, StuCo will hold games and activities throughout the week. Students who participate can earn candy as a prize.

“The Week of Respect is a good thing to participate in because not only do you have to have respect for yourself, but the people around you as well,” Saldivar said. “We want to make this school a healthy learning environment and we just want students to feel welcome at this school.”

In addition to lunch games, StuCo has decorated the campus with blue decor, inspirational messages on the bathroom mirrors and a banner in the cafeteria. Because blue represents peace, StuCo has incorporated the color throughout their designs.

“I think that the decorations really bring a sense of unity,” senior Jose Ang said. “It keeps the atmosphere in the school positive even after such a horrific event occurred [on the strip last night].”

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