Committee begins reaccreditation process Nationwide standards for quality education put to the test

To ensure the education received by students follows quality standards, the administration is reapplying for school accreditation through AdvancED, an organization that partners with schools to validate a consistency of curriculum between other high schools.

“I would say most high schools in the country go through this accreditation process so that we’re all following a set standard,” Assistant Principal Trish Taylor said.

For reinstatement, administration must abide by the general policies and procedures AdvancED requires. The guidelines include the completion of the Request for Reinstatement form, payment of fees, and a school review by an AdvancED Council. Additionally, the application involves gathering the opinions of those in the community.

“There will be a parent survey and a student survey that are quite in-depth, and a staff survey to determine the areas where we’re meeting needs and not meeting needs,” Taylor said.

A school review by the accreditation committee repeats every five years, assigning new goals to achieve. Two years after that, a progress report concerning improvement must be submitted. The repetition allows a constant assurance that the school continues to meet the accreditation requirements.

“I’ve been on accreditation teams before, so I go in and observe classrooms and talk with teachers, parents and students,” Taylor said. “There are schools that have been at different levels in terms of needing improvement, but I’ve never been at a school that’s never received accreditation.”

A specific date for the committee meeting has yet to be scheduled. The entire process will take the entire school year, including an evaluation in the spring. 

“For me, a high school diploma opens the floodgates to many opportunities that wait on the other side of this world,” junior Alexandra Sunga said. “The importance of a high school diploma means that I have completed an education, and I am ready for the future. A diploma is more than just a physical entity, but it is a sign of progression in my education, and the skills that I hope to share in the workforce, college and so on.”