Administration expands student drop-off to south parking lot

To secure the safety of students and relieve 7050 W. Shelbourne Ave. of congested traffic, administration extended the student drop-off location to the faculty parking lot. This expansion was incited by a lack of crosswalks and a goal to make transportation more convenient.

“Many parents like to drop off their students on Shelbourne. As a no-parking zone, it’s implied that it is not a loading or unloading area,” Dean Sherrae Nelson said. “According to [Las Vegas] metro police, when the roads are blocked off to drop off students, emergency vehicles cannot pass through or enter the school.”

After recognizing a need to address the faulty system, Principal Donna Levy and the administrative team assembled to construct a solution that would resolve these concerns. Moreover, they are working with the CCSD Police Department to enforce the new policy.

“Although our faculty members constantly remind parents of the danger that Shelbourne has as a drop-off area, they continue to neglect it,” Levy said. “This is why we are opening up the faculty parking lot to lessen the burden and make exits more efficient.”

After transitioning to the new procedures, students do not have to disrupt traffic while arriving to school or have their safety threatened due to a lack of crosswalks.

“Using the faculty parking lot is much more convenient. In the past, I would get dropped off on Shelbourne and stop the flow of traffic, making it more difficult for other people,” sophomore Nicole Antonio said.

Additionally, in order to prohibit U-turns in school zones, the Nevada Legislature enacted Nevada Revised Statute 484B.363.3, which has been effective since June 1, 2015. While Shelbourne is in effect as a school zone, drivers must adhere to the 15 mph speed limit.

“To go along with our new drop-off, we would rather have people transport their students to the parking lot versus the street because they’re making U-Turns to exit. Now, they’re going to receive a ticket for that,” Nelson said.