Advanced Fashion Design students will create pillows Students will be graded on completion, accuracy

To apply basic knowledge on fashion concepts, juniors and seniors in the Fashion Design program will create pillows starting this Thursday.

“I’m really just trying to find out what they know and what they don’t,” Advanced Fashion teacher Nicole Carlson said. “I want to figure out what they need to work on more, so I can help them improve.”

Students have to follow specific guidelines for their pillows in order to be graded for quality. This also serves as practice for their future fashion careers regarding mass production.

“They get requirements [and] it has to be finished at a 12 by 12 template,” Carlson said. “It has to have a half inch seam allowance, continuous stitching, [and] there can’t be any breaks. It also needs an opening, so once they’re done sewing I can check the construction inside.”

Carlson will only be supervising her students and providing basic instruction. They will have to work independently and make their own designs and patterns. Additionally, fashion terminology is one key focus that she plans to include in her daily lesson plans.

“I know they were shocked about this, but I told them it’s a completion and participation grade,” Carlson said. “It’s really just to see if they know everything. [Things] such as clipping corners [and] using continuous stitching.”

Because this is Carlson’s first year teaching, she is still identifying what skills her students have and what skills they need to still learn. Former Fashion teacher Sheila Petrosky moved to Southeast Career and Technical Academy to be a community partnership coordinator.

“If they don’t know the terminology then that’s something I need to work on with them,” Carlson said. “I expect that when they do go into the industry, they know everything because people won’t wait for you. I want them to know what it means. If I say, ‘what’s HPS?’ They need to know what it means. I even have a terminology word everyday.”

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