Anatomy and physiology students build skin models

Seniors Maggie Yuen and Andrea Pasic look at how they can improve their tissue box before it is due on Nov. 14. Seniors in the anatomy and physiology class created a skin model that explains the integumentary system and the layers of the epidermis. “This project encourages us to use our creativity,” Yuen said.
Photo Credit: Helen Abraha

Students in Ms. Jennifer Conder’s Anatomy and Physiology classes are creating a skin model using a square tissue box. Each student will present their box to a teacher of their choice by Nov. 14.

“We were given specific instructions on what to put on each side of the box. For example, on one side of the box we have to draw or print one picture and write a description of a clinical disorder or disease affecting the skin,” senior Maggie Yuen said.

Other requirements included drawing, labeling and coloring the layers of the epidermis, as well as including the structures and location of the various components of the skin.

“It is encouraged that students use their creativity and utilize pop-off components, such as construction paper, pasta, string, cotton balls, etc.,” senior Andrea Pasic said.

Once students complete the final product, they must present their box to Conder, who will check it for accuracy. Once they complete their presentation, they they will donate their box to the teacher of their choice.

“Students will be graded on the quality of the model, the neatness, and whether or not they seem to have a full understanding of the model and their ability to explain the four structures,” Conder said.

This project allowed students to learn and identify the accessory structures of the integumentary system, as well as understand the five layers of the epidermis.

“This project ties into the unit that we are learning now, and once we are done with this unit, we will be learning about the bones,” Conder said.