Anatomy and Physiology students create 3D skin models

Seniors Alexis Woelfel and Selma Mesic study their skin models to prepare for the visual presentation.
Photo Credit: Bree Eure

In Ms. Jennifer Conder’s Anatomy and Physiology class, students were challenged to create a three dimensional skin model using a square tissue box to demonstrate their understanding of their assigned skin layer’s appearance, functions and purpose.

“We were assigned this project because Ms. Conder wanted us to have a better understanding of the different layers and components of the skin,” senior Cassadie Medall said.

The project time frame was one week and the students had to create the layers of the skin with household items such as pasta, beads, yarn, etc. The skin model had to include four sides: side one-a skin disease of the students choice, side two-was the five layers of the epidermis, side three and four-a model of the skin and its components.

“The project was time consuming to figure out how all 19 objects were going to fit on the side of the tissue box, but I learned a lot about the skin from this project,” senior Selma Mesic said.

Presentations took place during class on Nov. 14 and 15.

“This anatomy project was interesting because I didn’t know that much about the skin. This will certainly help me on my unit test,” senior Joshua Bednarczyk said.