Anatomy classes begin designing skin tissue boxes Decorated boxes must be presented to a teacher

At the beginning of the school year, junior Christina Dang cuts a piece of celery in order to learn body planes at the beginning of the year. This is one example of the labs students perform in the Anatomy and Physiology class. Photo Credit: Brooke Sorenson

In order for students to gain a better understanding of the integumentary system, students in Ms. Jennifer Condor’s Anatomy and Physiology class  will be creating diagrams of the skin on tissue boxes.

“One of the reasons I continue to do this project is because it is a great way for kids to understand the different layers of the skin,” Condor said. “It really is just the great way for the students to get involved with what they are learning about.”  

In addition to the diagrams, students will need to include 3D components to their tissue box so it is a little more interactive.

“My favorite part about the project would be the decorating part,” junior Joanna Rodriguez said. “I am a creative person and I feel that I learn better when I get to design and label what we have to learn.”  

Students will present their completed tissue box to a teacher of their choice.

“This project is going to help me prepare for the test because I feel like when you have to present something, it forces you to learn the content and rehearse it, “ senior Trey-Shauna Mack-Pope said. “You want to make sure you sound knowledgeable in front of the teacher. ”

Conder has been doing this project for around 5 years and does not plan on stopping.

“One of the great things about this project is the fact that students get to teach other teachers what they learned,” Condor said. “I think it is really cool that the students get to go spread their knowledge around the school instead of just learning it and forgetting it the next unit.”

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