Anatomy classes create bone music videos Progress of the videos will be monitored regularly

In order to memorize the bones in the body, students in Ms. Jennifer Conder’s Anatomy classes are creating skeletal system music videos. 

“While creating our song for the skeletal system, it allowed my group and I to use our unique creativity to create a nice parody to a song of our choice,” junior Grace Laudencia said. 

There are no limitations as to what students may include in the music video; however, it must incorporate choreography and be school appropriate. Presentations of the music videos will take place before Fall Break, which will commence the week of Nov. 20. 

“In an effort to create our music video, my group and I assigned each other different tasks to each other in order to get the video done quicker,” senior Alyssa Ross said. “For example, one person would be working on making the video while the other person would be working on edits. This in my opinion is the best way to to make an outstanding music video while also cutting down time.”

Students must base their lyrics off information about bones in order to receive full credit on the project. They are allowed to work in groups of three to four people.

“One of the major changes that I have made to this project is that I no longer require students to create their own music,” Conder said. “In previous years I used to make students create the music and it became too frustrating for the students so I ended up just taking that requirement out.”

Conder believes that the project is a great way for students to learn the different types of bones in the body because they will be tested multiple times throughout the unit on the different types of bones.

“Every time [I have my students do this project], it’s always the end products of the music videos that I find to be so great because of how involved students get and the amount of work they put into it,” Conder said. “I leave the directions very open ended, so I get end products that vary widely. I’ve just always have kids who exceed my expectations than all my other projects, and that’s why I like doing this one.”

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