Annual blood drive ran by students HOSA members set up blood drive for students to donate blood

Attempting to convince students to stick a needle in their arm is no easy task, but HOSA Blood Drive Chairman Carl Montemayor signed up for the challenge yet again. Earlier this school year, Montemayor reached his goal of 45 participants but only 15 have signed up for Jan. 26. 

“I’m crossing my fingers that we surpass or at least get to the same goal as we had last time,” Montemayor said. “But it really isn’t all about the amount of people that sign up, our main goal is that we get blood to the people who need it.” 

By partnering up with United Blood Services, Montemayor is able to provide onsight donations.

“The blood drive went well the last time and I’m hoping we donate more blood this time around,” senior Samrawit Misiker said.

In order for Montemayor to conduct a successful blood drive, he needs confirmation from the United Blood Services to ensure that there will be enough donation busses to accommodate the volunteering students.

“Even though I am unable to donate blood, I will be doing my part by passing out slips to get students into the blood drive—that way the United Blood Services can put it to good use,” junior Rosalia Sedano said.

Montemayor has to oversee the requirements of the donors because it ensures the safety of both the recipient and the donor. 

“I am not sure if I would meet the requirements, but if I do I would love to donate blood,” junior Aymen Shafique said. “I have been wanting to do this since freshman year.”

In order to participate, students must obtain a sign-up slip from Ms. Vicki Smith in room H125.

“Students are able to pick up a slip in the basket outside of my room at anytime,” Smith said.

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