AP students participate in mock congressional trial Presentations were based off U.S. Constitution

AP Government students in Mr. Joseph Juliano’s class took part in a project called “We the People, which provided students the opportunity to analyze the U.S. Constitution. The showcase team had their hearing on Thursday, Dec. 15th during seventh period.

“Students were preparing for this, pretty much throughout the semester,” Juliano said. “I thought it went really well, students were able to showcase their understanding of their topic.”

Teams of students presented four minute long prepared statements and conducted a six minute follow-up conversation, where judges asked questions regarding their statement. Students were assigned one of six units from the AP Government “We the People” textbook. 

“We [had] the coordinators for the program come and be the judges for it,” Juliano said. “The students showcased their knowledge on different constitutional issues. Some students in the audience will possibly be in the class next year.”

The competition team competed Saturday, Dec. 10 at Valley High School. The team won first place in their division, five first place unit awards and one second place unit award. 

“I had a great experience and it gave me the opportunity to apply constitutional research, court cases, historical evidence and current events to real world situations,” senior Jeanette Marquez said.

Seniors in the competition class participated in the state hearing Saturday, Feb. 4 at West CTA. Students in the showcase class will continue learning content for the AP Government exam once they conclude their presentations. 

“At this point, what I’m thinking is I should’ve just joined competition team with all of our work being put in,” senior Emerald Liu said. “I am excited to see all my effort pay off.”

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