AP students prepare for course exams Payments for exams due March 10

To test for college level credits, approximately 285 Advanced Placement (AP) students will be taking end-of-course exams from May 2-13.

“Taking an AP exam is beneficial to the student even if they don’t think they are going to do well.” Lead Counselor Paige DeSantis said. “Taking the course and taking the exam exposes them to college level material so colleges like to see that they have taken the course and the exam.”

Each exam costs $92, however, students who qualify for free or reduced lunch pay $12. Payments can be made to the banker with cash, check or money order or online at swcta.net.

“I prepare my AP kids continuously through the year by providing them with the exact things they are going to see on the test,” AP Biology teacher Jennifer Conder said. “I have a planned project that they are going to have to do that will sum up the whole year. I feel like my kids will be successful this year.”

To find out whether or not an AP class qualifies for college credit, students can visit CollegeBoard.org

“I plan to go to CSN (College of Southern Nevada) and if I can knock out some classes to become a Respiratory Therapist faster, that would be great,” senior Nino Nobleza said.

Students who need an order form can visit their AP teacher or counselors.

“I am going to study by reviewing my notebook and notes and going over the videos.” senior Alyssa Bui said. “It’s beneficial to take the exam because if I pass, I could get college credit and it helps me prepare for what I am going to see next year.”