Archery Club preps for NASP tournament This is the ninth anniversary of the organization

In order to prepare for the National Archery in the Schools Program in January, Archery Club welcomed new members at their first meeting this past Monday.

“This will be my first year doing archery at the school, but I am really looking forward to it,” sophomore Alyssa Tirre said.

Archery Club meetings are held in the gym every Monday from 2-4 p.m. All students are encouraged to join; however, they must fill out an athletic insurance waiver turned in beforehand; paperwork is located at the Dean’s office in the B building.

“I personally believe that with hard work and determination, these students will easily be able to meet the goals.,” Kalinowicz said. “I am excited to watch them grow throughout the year.”

Attendees can expect a typical meeting to consist of shooting from the 10 and 15 meter distances and starting this season shooting balloons that are attached to the targets.

“I have been planning some new ways on training the students, hopefully it will improve our chances of winning the NASP tournament,” Kalinowicz said. “We go to the tournament at the South Point Hotel and Casino every single year and we have won twice.”

Rules and objectives were explained by Archery Club adviser Anne Kalenowicz. Potential members were orientated to the basics of archery that included mastering archery skills, concentration and perseverance.

“Throughout the years I have seen a lot of clubs come and go, but I believe Archery Club has been around this long is due to the fact that it is unique compared to the others,” Kalinowicz said. “It is the closest thing we have to a sport and each year more and more students join.”

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