Automotive students reach out to community for Spring PBLs

Mr. Daniel Sylvester lays out his Spring PBL project outline for the Automotive students.
Photo Credit: June Santos

For their Spring PBL, the freshman, sophomore, and junior Automotive Technology students will travel to Faiss Middle School and Canarelli Middle School on March 28 and March 29 to teach 8th graders about car maintenance.

“I think it would be a good opportunity because we get to learn and teach other people about simple car maintenance that most people think are hard,” freshman Roy Badillo said.

Automotive students will be separated into groups by their grade level and must demonstrate simple car maintenance tasks such as oil changes, brake pad assembly, and wheel rotations. Each group must complete all of their tasks (presentations) with a full step-by-step assessment about the repair within the ten-minute rotational time frame.

“Students are going to be split up into teams of four and have ten minutes to explain their topic thoroughly,” Mr. Daniel Sylvester, Automotive Technology Teacher, said.

Starting the week of February 27, students will begin preparing for their Spring PBL. Students will be able to pick what kind of repair they are going to explain to the 8th graders. For more information, contact the Automotive Technology teacher Mr. Daniel Sylvester in Room F105.