Battle of the Sexes coming soon

Battle of the Sexes will take place the week of Jan. 30 and SWCTA students will participate in a variety of events pitting boys vs. girls.

Battle of the Sexes week will commence from Jan. 30 to Feb. 3, 2012 at SWCTA. The Battle of the Sexes is a series of games between boys and girls, and it will be the second year that the competition occurs at SWCTA. A spirit week will occur prior to the Sadie Hawkins Dance held at the end of the week.

“Due to the fact that we don’t have any sports at our school, I really want to get away from my daily routine of school, homework, and sleep. It will also be a fun and exciting to experience playing games and what not,” junior Ashley Flores said.

The contests consist of four lunch games and after school activities. This includes the Capri Sun Chug, Chubby Bunny, kickball, and dodge ball. Rules will be announced before each activity, and must be followed by every student that participates. If students choose to, they may also participate in competitions during the Battle of the Sexes assembly on Feb. 3.

“I decided to participate because it is a good time for bonding with friends, and I am very competitive. I think that boys will win this year again because we are more competitive and refuse to lose!” Cody Gulley, senior, said.

Students that decide to compete are required to wear their designated team’s shirt and wristband during competitions; blue for boys; pink for girls. In addition to that, each player must pay $10 and turn in signed paperwork by Jan. 25 in order to be a part of the Battle of the Sexes competition.

“Battle of the Sexes turns gender stereotypes upside down just like Sadie’s turns gender stereotypes upside down. By girls asking their dates to the dance, it shows that females can do anything males can do. By boys winning lunch games, it shows that males can do anything females can do,” Student Council Adviser Mrs. Miriya Julian said.

There is also an option for students to pay for both their Sadies dance ticket and Battle of the Sexes registration for $25. For anyone that wishes to purchase additional shirts used during the contest, they may purchase the shirt after Feb. 3 if there are any available. A portion of the fees collected from registration and t-shirts will be donated to the winning gender’s cancer; girls, breast cancer; boys, testicular cancer.