Blood Mobile returns for donations

Now 17 years old, junior Kay Eure donates blood for the first time. The United Blood Services phlebotomist follows regular procedure before the official blood draw.
Photo Credit: Sahar Kanfi

For the second time this school year, the Blood Drive Mobile for the United Blood Services visited campus and withdrew blood from eligible volunteers.

“A lot of people don’t give blood because they’re scared, or they don’t meet the requirements. The first time I ever did it, I had to get over the fear,” senior Keilah Gonatice said.

Volunteers have to meet age, height, and weight requirements, and go through an interview reviewing their medical history.

“I’m excited that I’m seventeen so that I can finally do it. I’ve been waiting for a while to become eligible,” junior Kay Eure said.

All blood donations require a signed minor donor permit for volunteers under the age of 18. The final blood donation opportunity of the school year will take place in May.

“Doing it for the first time as a senior makes me nervous, but it’s for a good cause,” senior Ric Ascano said.