Homecoming Spirit Day 3: Bollywood Dress Day and pie eating contest Today's Homecoming Spirit Dress Day was 'Cherry Blossom'

“A Journey to the Far East” continues as students participated in “Bollywood Dress Day” and a pie eating competition during lunch.

“It was kind of stressful with PSAT’s but the lunch game for today made it fun and was cool to watch. I also thought the Bollywood theme for the day was very different and unique,” sophomore Jenny Nguyen said.

Students showed their school spirit by wearing bright colors, long skirts and jewels.

“I felt super confident wearing something nobody really saw me wear before. I participated in today’s spirit day because I wanted to express myself in a different way and I wanted people to see the dynamic culture of Bollywood since it influences people from all around the world,” sophomore Aymen Shafique said.

For some students, it was a chance to show off their spirit along with their own style.

“It was really fun to be able to wear clothes to school that were associated with my culture,” junior Zoha Zaman said.

Today’s lunch game was called ‘Whip Cream Pie’ and the objective was to obtain the most gummy bears from the whipped cream pie in the time allotted.

“It felt like I was suffocating with my face buried in the cream pie but it was a lot of fun and I was so proud of myself for getting about seven of the gummy bears,” junior Martin Varona said.

Along with the Homecoming Spirit Day, freshmen, sophomores and juniors also participated in the PSATs.

“It was kind of hectic having PSATs the same week as Homecoming but I’m glad there was a bit of a distraction and rewards with games and dressing up after testing for hours,” sophomore Nardos Damena said.