BREAKING NEWS: Coyote Coachella rescheduled due to inclement weather Event will be rescheduled to May 6

Due to inclement weather, Student Council has rescheduled Coyote Coachella to May 6.

“The biggest concern is the inclement weather,” Student Council adviser Mrs. Miriya Julian said. “The forecast is showing between 40 to 60 percent chance of rain. It’s kind of chilly, and we want to provide the best event possible. We really need the weather to cooperate to do that.”

Because Student Council records all sales in their ticketing system, those who purchased a punchcard will be reissued a new one.

“We’ve rescheduled all the vendors except Hot Dogs For the Homeless, so everyone’s coming back,” Julian said. “We’re going to do the same stuff and maybe add more items.”

Tickets will continue to be on sale for $5.

“It’s unfortunate that we won’t be able to perform,” senior Kevin Rodriguez said. “I’ve been practicing my act for a while, but at least we’ll still get an opportunity to play.”