Breaking News: SWCTA named Apple Distinguished School

SWCTA has been honored as one of 56 Apple Distinguished Schools throughout the nation. Southwest CTA is proud to host a multitude of Apple products to their students.
Photo Credit: Bserat Ghebremicael

Breaking News – Southwest Career and Technical Academy was recently named one of 56 Apple Distinguished Schools nationwide. SWCTA is currently the only school in Nevada to earn this distinction.

“It is an honor to be recognized for educational excellence and leadership,” Principal Felicia Nemcek said, regarding the school’s accomplishment.

Because the school has now been officially recognized by Apple, Inc. for excellence in education, technology, and 21st century leadership, our school has received the use of a web banner, logo, and plaque to showcase.

“It is an honor to work at an Apple Distinguished School. Considering how few schools have earned this achievement, it is a great achievement for Southwest CTA and Clark County School District to be among the few schools with this distinction,” Community Partnership Coordinator Mr. Craig Statucki said.

Future projects include training in the use of the flip teaching model, creation of ePub documents for use in the classroom, and the addition of authentic electronic textbooks using Apple’s new iBook Author.

“I think it opens a lot of opportunities for educational development, especially because of the new technological age and the rapid growth of the technology industry,” junior Jordan Sutton said.