SWCTA overwhelms WCTA in 62-28 victory

As the first in a league of games against other career and technical academies, the Southwest Career and Technical Academy Coyotes secured a 62-28 victory over the West Career and Technical Academy Wranglers.

“We had confidence going into the game,” senior Izeah Guiao said. “You always get this type of mindset that you’re not going to lose, and we were working for it. I got a good finish, Sterling got some great shots and Ezra got some great shots.”

Led by English instructor Mr. Albert Ocampo as their coach, seniors Stirling Ahlbrandt, Izeah Guiao, Joseph Harvanek, Brian Lee, Michael Medeiros, Christian Messick-Zamudio, Ezra Ocampo, Kyle Tan and Skyler Visser represented SWCTA.

“We practiced at least 2 hours, 3 or 4 times a week beginning about a month ago,” Guiao said. “We’re going to practice a little more though because we had a lot of mistakes. We’re playing 5 more games against other tech schools, and we’re going to play West for sure again at their house,” Guiao said.

For the game’s regulation time, the teams played 2, 20 minute halves with an extended break in between each one.

“Playing against WCTA was extremely fun and will definitely be memorable,” Lee said. “We just need to keep practicing and playing together in order to do well next game.”

While admission to attend the game was free, Student Council organized concession stands, selling popcorn, cotton candy and water for $1.

“Because we don’t have any sports at this school, we don’t get to have the experience of cheering for a team,” senior Bomon Liu said. “I’m glad that we’ll be continuing to play other schools because we get to show our school spirit.”

Currently, Ocampo is organizing the bracket schedule with the other career and technical academies, and in the upcoming weeks, he will announce who the Coyotes will face in their next match. Because CTAs do not have competitive sports, teachers from the academies are organizing the opportunity.

“West emailed us asking if we want to have a game,” Ocampo said. “These guys are all seniors, and personally, I wanted their senior year to be memorable. I don’t know [what we’re going to work on next]. We have enough plays where we can actually adjust our offense to their defense, so it doesn’t matter what they throw at us.”