BREAKING NEWS: US History teacher Ms. Elaina Nelson accepts job offer at Ed W. Clark High School Nelson's last day will be Friday

As students finish notes at their desk, U.S. History teacher Elaina Nelson works at her desk. Nelson started notifying her classes yesterday. "I've been waiting to tell my students until the end of the class period so that they can use class time to focus on their assignments," Nelson said.

In search of a new challenge, U.S. History teacher Elaina Nelson recently accepted a job offer to become a counselor at Ed W. Clark High School.

“I want to help students become successful in life by being able to guide them individually rather than just giving them historical knowledge,” Nelson said. “I want to provide them with general life skills that will promote their future.”

After being a history teacher for 14 years, Nelson decided it was time to try something different. 

“It was a hard decision because I really like the atmosphere here,” Nelson said. “I enjoy the drive of the students and faculty, but I wanted to challenge myself with something new and not have so many papers to grade.”

Although Nelson does not regret her decision, she will miss her students. Nelson began telling her students on Wednesday. For each class period, she waited until the end so that students can focus on their assignment. 

“I’m definitely a better teacher because I’ve taught here,” Nelson said. “I’ve also met amazing students that make me wish I had their drive and work ethic when I was their age. I’m sad to be leaving, but I know these students have a lot of potential and they’ll do fine.”

The administration has hired a replacement for Nelson’s U.S. History position. The new teacher will begin next Monday.

“I hope the new teacher will be kind, fun and inspiring so that class isn’t boring, and we can learn the same amount,” junior Lance Soriano said.

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