Business Software Application students build websites Basic programming knowledge introduced

To introduce freshmen to basic programming, Mr. Jeffrey Ball assigned a project to his Business Software Applications students that requires them to build a website.

“This project is in place to get the students acclimated to programming, which is new to this class,” Ball said. “This is not a Web Design class, just Business Software Applications, which all students take during their first year.”

Students were paired up and given the option to decide on the subject matter of their websites independently, which may include personal interests such as gaming. They were also permitted to utilize outside resources during their programming process.

“We were tasked with creating an original website,” freshman Chance Cain said. “I learned how to do HTML code and how to help out others if they have problems with their computers.”

Once students complete their websites, they will present them to the class.

“Students were able to choose their own subject matter, whatever it is they found interesting,” Ball said. “After HTML, they will learn the program SCRATCH and will learn terminology when it comes to programming.”