CCSD declares ‘Safe Space’ for all campuses All student immigration statuses will be protected

Influenced by the presidential executive orders over immigration policies, the Clark County School Board proposed a plan that proclaims CCSD as a safe space for students and privatizes their immigration status.

“This was established in order for students to feel safe in their own school,” Dean James Campbell said. “This way students know that they will have privacy and no one can interfere with it. However, the immigration status and the education status of a student should have no relation to begin with.”

However, the school district will not have sanctuary campuses–a campus that has specific policies to protect students who are undocumented. Students will only have the assurance of protection under federal law and the district plans to keep it that way.

“I have seen how terribly people can be treated based on their immigration status, and it makes transitioning to a new culture even more difficult for these refugee and immigrant students,” senior Zaina Khater said. “I think if the district had sanctuary schools for students it would definetly help many immigration issues. Also, I think that the district is taking the right steps for their students.”

The immigration safe space plan restricts the school district’s ability to access a student’s immigration files without court action or parent/guardian approval. Unless documents are required from court or a guardian disapproves of their child’s personal information being used, the district can’t look through student immigration files.

“Based on this [act] being passed, the district should respect a student’s privacy regarding their immigration status,” senior Jeanette Marquez said. “All a student should worry about is that they are doing their best to achieve the best, not having to be taunted or seen differently because of their immigration status.”

After the election, many calls from the district regarding immigration were made to Congresswoman Dina Titus’ office, urging her and the CCSD Board of Trustees to make a resolution for student immigration.

“The district’s action to conceal immigration status is consequential from the election,” junior Justin De Leon said. “However, it should not be an issue considering that personal information should be privatized in the first place.”

Despite the promises that the act suggests, students who may be worried about their personal information are welcome to visit their counselor.

“We will do everything within the law that we are capable of doing in order to make students feel protected,” Counselor Paige DeSantis said. “As a school district, we are not going to invade the privacy of a student. If a student at any time feels anxious or scared, they can speak to their counselor at any time. This school district is a safe space for students and their conversations with their counselor will stay confidential.”

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